Police cars

Police cars : Rover/Land Rover

Although earlier Rovers such as the P4 and P5 were certainly used by various police forces, the British Leyland-era P6 and SD1 became almost synonymous with the term ‘jam sandwich’, referring to dayglo orange stripe carried by motorway patrol cars. […]


Gallery : MG 350

Who says badge engineering isn’t alive and well? We’re getting the MG5 next year, but here’s a taste of that car… …in the form of the MG350. The Chinese export […]

Chrysler 160/180/2-Litre (C Car)

Chrysler 180 Gallery

The Chrysler 180 was quite a stylish car, and it remains a mystery why it failed so spectacularly in the UK… Pictures taken from the excellent French language Chrysler 180 […]