Police cars : Morris

The Morris Minor was a very popular Panda car throughout the 1960s. Also shown here is what must be one of the rarest of police cars, the Morris 1800, which was sold for just seven months before being relauched as the Princess.

Morris Minor

A Metropolitan Police Force Morris Minor Panda car.

A Morris Minor Traveller used for Traffic duty by the Edinburgh City force in the late 1960s.

Some early Morris Minor local patrol cars, dating from 1962. They were used in the Stockport area until 1964.

Morris Marina

A very early Morris Marina patrol car, as seen in a British Leyland press photo.

Morris 1800

A 1975 Morris 1800, as used by the West Yorkshire Police Force.

Keith Adams


  1. I remember Cheshire police having at least one Marina TC saloon. (and HB Viva panda cars) In the world of film and TV, I recall a Morris 1800 Princess in mid/dark blue with a light bar in one of the Sweeney films.
    Truly obscure fact: if you look very carefully at the opening scenes of Bullitt, there is a Morris Minor convertible parked in SF. Or was it Seattle in Highpoint? I must watch them both again to check!

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