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According to our resident historian, Ian Nicholls, more than six million classic Minis of all types were made between 1959 and 2000. Along the way, a number of interesting landmarks were passed.

From the final Mini off the line (above) in bitter-sweet circumstances at Longbridge, to the first one 41 years previously, this little car has been at the centre of its maker’s fortunes. Here, though, are some of the publicity shots of the cars as they passed various production landmarks – and each picture clearly tells its own story.

Mini landmarks

By December 1962, half a million Minis had been built

By 1965, that had doubled to one million…

…and, in 1969, that had doubled again. The expressions on George Turnbull’s (left) and Alec Issigonis’
faces tell us all we need to know…

Lord Stokes celebrating the three millionth Mini off the line, 25 October 1972…

Sue Cuff was on hand to see off the four millionth Mini in 1976…

… then, in 1986, the five millionth Mini was produced – Noel Edmonds saw it off the line

Keith Adams


  1. Interesting bell curve of demand the above milestones show. Confirming the Mini wasn’t an instant hit was the 3 years it took to sell the first 500,000 units. After that every 3-4 years it sold a million as the car became a national treasure but demand fell away in the super-mini 70’s so that it took 10 years after 1976 to hit 5 million.

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