The Commenting Policy

The comments section is a collection of discussion groups more or less closely based upon the theme of motoring. The comments are available via our website (site) and use of commenting is subject at all times to the terms of website use, the Acceptable Use Policy, and our Privacy and Cookie Policy.

Only users who have submitted an email address will be able to contribute to comments. Moderators will be reviewing comments regularly and posts which stray from the theme of motoring are discouraged, but as long as they are brief and infrequent, and do not offend the Moderators or the general readership, they will occasionally be tolerated at the discretion of the Moderators.

Use of words which are generally agreed to be offensive is not permitted, and where found will lead to posts which contains them being removed without notice, and the Moderators have discretion to cancel the registration of the authors.

Offensive posts will be removed without notice, and the Moderators have discretion to cancel the registration of the authors. (In this context, ‘offensive’ is interpreted as being intended or considered likely to cause offence, either by content or tone, to the Moderators or to the general readership.)

The forum shall not be used for any commercial purposes whatsoever. Anyone wishing to solicit or conduct business on the site or use it for any other commercial purposes must the management at

The comments are not a political instrument, and must not be used to promote a political agenda of any sort. While the expression of personal opinion is encouraged, this should not be at a level which the Moderators consider will deter the general readership from visiting forum. Moderators have discretion to close such a thread.

Posts which contain matter which the Moderators consider might lead to an action for libel will be deleted. The original author of such a post will bear full responsibility for any action brought as a result of its publication in the forum, and will indemnify, the Webmaster, the Moderators, and AROnline against the cost and consequence of that action.

Registered members have the option to show their email address in their posts. The Webmaster, the Moderators, and AROnline cannot be deemed responsible for any correspondence which results from the publication of an email address in this way. However, any such correspondence which is reported to the Moderators as being unsolicited and unwelcome will lead to the originator of the correspondence losing their registration.

By registering to contribute to forum, users agree to accept and abide by the policy set out in this notice, as displayed at the time of registration as well as the policies referred to above.