Marques : Wolseley

Declan Berridge tells the story of one of the UK’s oldest car manufacturers – from growth in the 1920s, success in the 1950s, to its eventual demise in 1975. It’s a story of innovation, success and, ultimately, bad luck… […]


Marques : MG

Ask anyone with even the most cursory knowledge of classics to name their favourite cars, and you can guarantee that the MG name will come up time and time again. Keith Adams takes a short tour through the history of this great marque… […]


Marques : Hillman

Hillman started out as a small scale cycle manufacturer, and built some interesting cars, but it did not survive the 1920s without being bought-out. In the end, it was Rootes brothers that did the deed, before carving out an extremely successful car producing business for themselves… […]