Frankfurt 2013 : The girls

Words: Keith Adams Photographs: Newspress

Frankfurt girls (2)

Shameless maybe, but here’s some light relief for all of those Frankfurt victims who have overdosed on the information overkill emerging from Germany.

Stay tuned as we add more images to the gallery during the show.

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Keith Adams


  1. Bored….. you can see better walking down the street. Its not that these women are not pretty but I just don’t see the point of them on stands in today’s world.
    Although they are dressed smartly rather than tartly I guess…..Don’t know why I bothered to comment now.

  2. Keith, did any manufacturer beat Mazda from a few years ago for perviness? I recall that their stand women were dressed as Japanese school girls.
    Frankfurt still sees most manufacturers taking it seriously and a good number of suppliers also turn up. I’ll be there tomorrow for the first trade day.

  3. Landyboy @ 5, be thankful the Citroen SM isn’t around these days as I can just imagine what the models would be wearing if a modelling agency decided to take the words SM into another context.

  4. On that note; a good thing in that context is, is that Ford stopped producing the Probe…

    And in the context of voting for German; the Audi A3 girls.

  5. The one with no face and 3 arms ,reminds me of mg rover management.!!!!!How can these people sleep @ night. Without the added limb and given a face she is really cute.

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