Geneva 2012 : Gallery – the girls

Keith Adams

The Geneva Auto Salon saw some significant announcements – especially from the UK sector, but it must never be forgot that the show also encompasses all the glamour and excitement the automotive sector. And here are some of the best non-car pictures from Pal Expo.


Keith Adams


  1. Pretty girls they all may be… but I wonder if anyone of those would muck in doing a clutch change on an R8 214 or be able to knock up a Shepherds Pie in 45 minutes flat like mine can?

    Thought not!

  2. @mike: Clutch change AND a shepherds pie. You don’t know you were born lad, all mine does is ensure there is never any surplus cash causing potential damage to wallet or bank!

  3. It must be a real chore visiting shows for a living. Been to a fair few over the years and have generally found Fiat and Alfa seem to have the top totty.

  4. Having worked many motor shows with Alfa Romeo all over Europe, I can confirm most of the girls have tongues like fish wives with a sense of humour to match and almost all are seriously into their cars and bikes. They’d certainly give Mike a lashing for the pie comment! They are, in a nutshell, even better than they look, so dream on chaps

  5. The forth one looks like the barmaid from my local :-D.

    @ Tom Sinclair. So what you’re saying is they’re more Sierra RS Cosworth than Jag XJ?

  6. “All these girls look the same! At least there was a bit of variety amoung the cars …”

    Ehh? You mean there were cars there too?

  7. Haha, We’re still in the sexist ’60s. The message is
    “Men: buy this car and you’ll have women like this in your life”.

    Of course, being simple men that we are, we fall for it. Oh yes, I’ve been lucky enough to borrow Jags for the weekend and used to own a Lotus Elise. Yes, I thought I was THAT bit more attractive than the guy in the Nissan or Ford.

    They’re even less interested in my (pedal) bikes!

    What a fool I am!!

  8. Of course it works the other way too though, they’re saying to girls “if you buy this car you’ll look like this”

  9. Haha !
    If I may quote TopGear Magazine’s summary on the XK:

    “Don’t be fooled by: The gorgeous advert. You’ll still be an ugly bastard.”

  10. @ Mark:

    For the sake of gender equality and to appeal to an even wider audience, you do have a valid point.

  11. Some of them were a bit overstyled, too much plastic, lightweight, brash and noisy. However, the promotional girls were charming.

  12. Oh yeah! Cover me in chocolate and throw me to the lesbians! Just don’t let my wife see…

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