Genuine parts still available for MG Rover cars

Four years after the collapse of MG Rover, XPart continues to provide affordable specialist servicing and parts for the UK’s one million MG Rover cars.

The MG Rover range still supported by XPart
The MG Rover range still supported by XPart

MG Rover owners still have access to genuine parts and affordable specialist servicing as XPart continues to ensure the ongoing supply of MG Rover parts four years after the closure of the MG Rover factory. By working closely with the new owner of the MG brand, the Nanjing Automobile Corporation (NAC), XPart has achieved a smooth supply of parts manufactured from the original MG Rover tooling at the NAC MG factory in Nanjing, China, and has also maintained supply agreements with original MG Rover parts suppliers, allowing its nationwide network of MG Rover wholesalers and AutoService centres to offer high quality parts and servicing to the UK’s one million MG Rover owners.

‘Despite the initial challenges posed by the demise of MG Rover and the removal of MG Rover tooling to China, XPart has helped to ensure that MG Rover parts availability remains high by working on key supply initiatives with NAC,’ explained Neil Hipkiss, Materials Director, XPart. ‘In the four years since the original factory closure, we have built up a nationwide network of over 250 MG Rover specialists with extensive experience of servicing MG Rover cars, who can offer owners a high quality affordable service option together with a rapid turnaround on replacement parts.’

XPart provides comprehensive support to owners by offering its AutoService centre network the technical support that an authorised repairer would expect from a manufacturer. It has also invested substantially in maintaining the ongoing supply of genuine MG Rover parts, holding around £20m of MG Rover stock. In July 2008, the company was selected by NAC MG, now MG Motor UK, to distribute parts for the new MG TF.

‘Our excellent geographic coverage allows us to deliver replacement parts to the new MG Dealer network daily and overnight, ensuring that repairs can be made in the shortest possible time,’ commented Hipkiss.

For further information on XPart and or to locate your nearest MG Rover AutoService centres, please visit

Keith Adams


  1. What about T series HT leads Keith?

    My personal experience of X part specailists was WOEFULL… One claimed they never sold Rover parts, another took my number and never rang back, all whilst searching for that unusual part a K series cambelt kit. I took my cash else where.

    X part whats your view?

  2. My local XPART supplier is an ex Rover dealer from the 70’s and beyond, not one of these places that picked up some Rover diagnosis equipment to kid themselves and others that they were “experts”.

    P.J. Green of Flore could not be more helpful or knowledeable about Rover and MG products, even instances involving the SV although no formal SV training was received.

  3. My local Xpart specialist (Sterling Automotive in Eastbourne) provides fantastic service and thorough knowledge of all things MGR. Great staff, explain and describe everything in as much detail ss you want. They offer 5 year replacement head gasket cover and are genuinely passionate about the brand. Take your car there with total confidence.

  4. As above loads of bits no longer made or to order. Very poor show from XPart after all their claims.

  5. There is obviously a lot to know about this. There are some good points here.

    I’m Out! 🙂

  6. My local Xpart centre, although it used to be an MG/Rover dealership never has the parts I require for my ZT. Every time I’ve been in it’s the same story….”Sorry mate, not in stock” I’ve always managed to get parts from Rimmer Bros though, and at an MG/Rover dealership, still going, in Chard, Somerset. So Xpart, thanks but no thanks!

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