News : Mini Beach Car sells for $230,000

Mini Beach Car on Bring a Trailer

This 1962 Mini Beach Car has sold for an astonishing $230,000 on Bring a Trailer after a fierce bidding war. The USA-based online auction site had run the sale for two weeks before the price stabilised at $230,000 (£178,760), It’s one of 13 or 14 left-hand-drive examples exported to the US to promote the Mini’s launch in the American market. According to its paperwork, it was built on 19 March 1962, it looks the same as it did when it left the factory and has smashed the previous high price for one of these cars.

This one’s Smoke Grey with a Snowberry White top, and has a documented and continuous history. It was originally shipped to Michigan dealer Falvey Motor Sales Company, which handled the sales and distribution of BMC in this area of the USA. The Dealer Principal, the seller’s late father, acquired the car for himself on 24 August 1965 and kept it until his death in 1986.

Since then, it’s been in the same hands – spending time in storage between 1996-2004, then being recommissioned after that. With just 3000 miles on the clock and a BMIHT certificate, this was – as they say – a rare opportunity to acquire a very rare BMC Mini.

Family photos show the car being driven at various events, including the Meadow Brook Concours d’Elegance in Rochester, Michigan. Service records going back to the post-2004 recommissioning and are included in the sale and can be seen in the original advert on BaT.

This is a world record price for a Mini Beach Car. The previous record was achieved by Bonhams at its prestigious Quail Lodge event during the Monterey Motor Week. You can see the original auction listing here, and the AROnline story, here. That one sold for a cool £141,349 ($181,500).

Keith Adams


  1. Fascinating Mini variant. It will be the next Chinese replica. An electric Moke can be found online made in China and offered for sale in the USA.
    There was a RHD Beach Car at Longbridge one year I think at the 100 year Austin rally which predates the POL.
    A very rare and unusual car Well reported

  2. There seemed to be a few models with a beach car version in the 1960s.

    Citroen made one based on the Ami before the Mhirani came along.

  3. I’ve seen these over the years in various Mini books, but it only just occurred to me – without a B-pillar, how solid is that roof? It would surely need the A and C pillars strengthening to compensate?

    • How solid does the roof need to be? I wouldn’t go jumping about on the roof of a standard Mini, and wouldn’t fancy being in one if it rolled. Plus, the sill area is massively deeper than a standard car.

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