Paris 2012 : The girls

Keith Adams

AROnline’s motor show coverage isn’t complete without its traditional gallery of the girls who unstintingly and tirelessly modelled alongside the shiny new metal. Given that Paris is the home of Haute Couture it’s no surprise that the ladies doing their bit were incredibly well turned out, with the full spectrum of the world’s most influential fashion houses being represented…

Anyway, on with the gallery (we’ll add more as the show continues)…

(Photography: Headline Auto and Newspress)

Keith Adams


  1. Aahh, des jolies françaises – les plus belles filles du monde.

    Why did I come back to this country, folks, why?

    No offence, but this really does beat talking about wobbly steering on an MG6.

    Keep ’em coming, Mister Adams.

  2. Disgraceful exploitation of women that reinforces the stereotype that they are mere objects of sexual desire.
    Do they know where the kitchen is?

  3. Hmm, the one in the main picture is tres jolie, but what is the car behind her (well this is car site!), I wouldn’t like to sit in the back seat with those windows…

  4. Quite hilarious and un-PC (some of the comments already posted), especially those of Alex Scott. However, for the sake of equality, why don’t carmakers use members of the opposite sex?

    I remember the British Motor Shows of 2002 and 2004 and on the Smart stand there were plenty of youngish male model types with big grins. Trouble is, when they started flashing those grins my way I soon departed!

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