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Remember Spencer Haze, the time travelling private eye?

James Ruppert’s popular creation is back, and available in book form…

Spencer Haze

You might remember Spencer Haze from the brilliant 4Car website. He was a private detective who wrong-sided a big league villain, who left him for dead in a chest freezer in 1973 when it looked like he was about to uncover his international crime ring. He awoke in 2000, leaving him starting from fresh, ‘coping with the 21st Century is not going to be easy unless you are prepared to dress, drive, party, punch first and ask questions later like it’s 1973. Welcome to the Noughties Mr Haze, we’ve been expecting you…’

The Spencer Haze graphic novel is available now. It was written and illustrated by Mr Bangernomics himself, the legend that is James Ruppert, and we’ll admit that it’s a brilliant little thing. But then we did like that upstart, Life on Mars

Visit the Spencer Haze website at where you can buy aHaze-related goodies. The include the book at, but you can also pick up T-shirts and an LED watch. Really.

Spencer Haze

Keith Adams


  1. I remember Mr Ruppert from Car magazine as well. This gets me onto the topic of ” cartoons” & Car magazine.
    Does anyone remember another “cartoon” which appeared in Car many years ago; I think it was “The Mott Spot”.
    I believe he drove somekind of tuned 3-wheeler Morgan-like contrivance. This must have been during the ’70’s, so I guess that my memory could be playing tricks.

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