News : The top stories on AROnline in 2022

It’s that time of the year again, so we’re looking back at the Top Ten most popular stories in each of the main categories on AROnline during 2022.

We’ve broken down the figures and ranked the top stories to show what you’ve been reading throughout the year. But more than that, looking into the past helps us shape what we’re writing in the future.

AROnline trends in 2022

Rover 75 (8)

Just like in 2021, many people stayed at home at points throughout 2022, which might have been tough for those affected. But it did mean many continued to hit the site – with an increasing number of you finding us for the first time via Google. Well, the year started with us all in lockdown and, while readership numbers remained solid, it seems that you are getting more involved by commenting more.

This is great news for the site’s continued existence in its 21st year because, more than anywhere else, the comments have provided a rich stream of new insight and knowledge – much of which we’ve spotlighted into new stories in their own right. Our Memories series started out like this, and has developed pleasurably as a consequence. Thank you one and all for continuing to support AROnline.

Once again, the numbers and what pages are being hit show that we’re dependent on Google – those stories that sit on page one of the search engine continue to attract significant numbers of readers. I think that, going forwards, we’ve been given permission by you to widen our net and cover more cars in the unique way we do here. But also, you’d love to see us include more imported cars as long as it’s through the lens of a UK perspective and hopefully with some homegrown input.

It’s also nice to see so many of you are continuing to visit AROnline and interact. In 2022, we had 1.7 million uniques, which is up on the 1.6 million we had in 2021. Again, I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart every single one of you for visiting, and giving me a reason to stay sane in these continually crazy times.

Here are the top stories as read by you in 2022 – there are definitely some surprises along the way.

Development stories

The cars : Rover 75/MG ZT development story
The cars : Rover Metro/100 development story
The cars : MINI development story
The cars : Rover 200/400 (R8) development story
The cars : Ford Zephyr/Zodiac Mk4 development story
The cars : Vauxhall Cavalier Mk2 development story
The cars : Austin Maestro development story
The cars : Rover 200 (R3) development story
The cars : MGB (ADO23) development story
The cars : Vauxhall Viva development story


Triumph Bobcat

Concepts and prototypes : Triumph Bobcat (1967-1969)
Concepts and prototypes : Jaguar XJ90 (1988-1991)
Concepts and prototypes : Rover P8 (1966-1971)
Concepts and prototypes : MG Rover RDX60 (2000-2005)
Concepts and prototypes : Jaguar XJ41/XJ42 (1982-1990)
Concepts and prototypes : Austin LM14/LM15 (1978-1981)
Concepts and prototypes : Rover 35 (1998-2000)
Concepts and prototypes : Triumph Broadside (1979-1981)
Concepts and prototypes : Pininfarina BMC 1800 Aerodynamica concept (1967)
Concepts and prototypes : BMC 9X (1968-87)



Opinion : MG’s electric dreams could soon become a nightmare…
Raise a glass to : 40 years of the Austin Ambassador
Essay : Jaguar X-Type – more than a rebodied Mondeo
Memories : A scrapyard in England, 1991
History : The end of Ford’s saloon line (1962-2022)
Raise a glass to : 40 years of the Citroën BX
Opinion : Why the antagonism towards JLR?
Opinion : The Triumph Stag and its US misadventure
Opinion : MINI EV leaves the UK – keep calm, carry on?
Opinion : The Rover P8, and why it might be important

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