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Saab 9000

Welcome to my new blog. After a decade of blogging – on and off – on AROnline, I thought it was time to set-up camp elsewhere and finally move on to pastures new. No kidding, 2014 was a big year for me – after setting up the new Honest John Classics website, I left HJ’s employ, and returned to Classic Car Weekly, to edit the title where I started my motoring writing adventure almost exactly a decade ago.

And boy, have things changed in that time. When I worked on the weekly ‘paper, it ran to 56 pages, a spread of news, a further two pages of event coverage, and then maybe a couple of features in the week. Today, that same publication has changed, now routinely running to 88 pages, with a hell of a lot more editorial content in there. It’s a big job, and most of the time it’s a huge amount of fun. It’s changed publisher, too. When I was there the first time, it was the responsibility of Kelsey Publishing, an amiable family firm, to put it out every week – now it’s owned by Bauer Consumer Media, a much bigger fish.

So, I’ve changed employer once more. And what is the point of this blog? Well, I won’t say it’s been set-up to take up where I left off with AROnline, as I think in this day and age, it’s probably impossible to create something like that now. But consider this to be my own little corner of the cybersphere, where I can sound off about motoring matters of the day – as well as chat about some of the more interesting cars out there.

Why torque-steer? Simple really. I love overpowered front-wheel drive cars, such as the Saab 9000 pictured above, and nothing sums up the appeal of this breed of cars more succinctly than this oft-misued term. But then, wheel-fight wouldn’t have worked quite as well as a website name.

First job is to upload all of my old blogs – more than anything else, it’s a useful aide memoire for me, as those blonde locks start to turn grey.

Stay tuned for more…

Saab 9000 Aero

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  1. Now I’ve come across this,and I must say I’m impressed, so good luck on this not that you need it.

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