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I think it is fair to say that anybody who is even a little familiar with me will tell you that the last couple of months’ events at longbridge have hit like a hammer blow. Seeing the once proud company dragged through the dirt has been physically painful for me, and as a result, I’ve been a bit like a bear with a sore head whenever anyone has asked me to comment on the situation.

And that pain really hasn’t even began to subside yet.

But when someone who I respect immensely says to me: “Your website is rightly OD-ing on the Longbridge collapse, right now, but I reckon the time will soon come when it’s time to move on… Once the adminstrators have done their worst, and once MG has been sold off to some ‘High Hopes’ concern, I would guess that you should swiftly get back to evolving the website as an all-can-do historic reference. There’s only so much slagging off of the Phoenix Four that we can all take…’

Obviously I take the comment about ‘slagging off the Phoenix Four’ a little bit personally, especially as during those first few days of the crisis, I ensured the webste remained impartial, merely reporting on the facts, and not jumping on the blame-culture bandwagon. But that caveat aside, the message is crystal clear – is here to report the company’s history, and dig deep into those little nuances that other parties have yet to cover.

And in the mire that was MG Rover’s fall into the abyss, our message was lost in a sea here-and-now emotion.

There are still many stories that need completing, and just as many that we haven’t even begun to tell. So, we’ll slow down on the current affairs for the moment – the BBC and do it with such immediacy that an understaffed operation like this can’t possibly hope to compete with. Yes, we still get exclusives here, and these will be reported, but as the great man said, it is time to move on.

We’ll get back on track and continue digging up the company’s history.

Hence the article about the P76/P8/SD1 relationship… It’s a subject I’ve always wanted to get my teeth into, but with such a dearth of reliable information, it is proving to be a struggle. It is my hope that one or more of’s readers knows all about this, and was in the company at the time these cars passed through the design and engineering studios.

Oh, and there’s the other side of the great Jaguar/Rover divide. Yes, we know that William Lyons had the P8 and P9 executed in order to protect Jaguar’s position at the pinnacle of the company’s range of marques, but what about Jaguar rationalization? Renowned Browns Lane historian and journalist, Paul Skilleter, tells me that there were plans for a Mk2 Jaguar replacement, which was canned after the company was immersed into the great BL machine. What do our readers know about this one?

As you can see, there is so much still to dig up…

Keith Adams

Keith Adams

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Keith Adams

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