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THANKS to the joys of instant digital photography, I can share with you this rather catchy slogan I spotted plastered on the back of a Toyota Hi-Lux pickup a couple of days ago. Normally such things go by un-noticed, or ignored, but I decided I thought I’d mark the occasion by posting a little blog on why this lack of respect for the other guy’s opinion really gets my goat. It happens everywhere – on the roads, in the pub… and on the Internet.

Check out just about any Internet forum, for instance, and you’ll come across a bunch of enthusiasts sharing a common passion, but sometimes from a different perspective. This is the case with watches, cameras, game consoles… oh, and even cars. We care enough about our own specialism to log-on, and let the world know what we think – and in some cases, even help out others who are having problems. It’s good – it’s a sharing of knowledge, and should be applauded.

However, there’s also one or two who enjoy nothing more spouting their own opinions, while blithely taking the Michael out of anyone else who treads a different path in life. Combative, stupid, ego-centic, and pathetic. More often than not, these people wouldn’t behave in this way in a face to face situation, but that’s one of the facets of the Internet – you’re shielded from that, and can behave in the way you wish you could in real life. That might explain why 80 per cent of all Second Life users take on female identities…

Anyway, I digress.

So, here we are – all car enthusiasts. We’re a minority in an increasingly hostile world, and yet most of the time, too many of us are fighting over minutiae to score points without actually seeing the bigger picture. And I think this is why the Hi-Lux driver with a penchant for Text-Speak annoyed me… he’s declaring A) that Land Rover drivers have no life, and B) Toyotas are far more reliable.

Well, I guess that point B might be true – but I do wonder what the comparative survival rates of the Hi-Lux and Defender actually are… and, well, point A is just silly if the exploits of my friends on Land Rover Owner magazine are anything to go by. But I suppose what actually really annoyed me about said slogan was that both Hi-Lux and Land Rover are seen as pretty much the same thing in the eyes of right-on policy makers – gas-guzzling, meadow-destroying, high-polluting off-roaders that should be removed from the road forthwith.

I would have thought sharing the knowledge and respecting the views of fellow enthusiasts were more important than scoring a few cheap shots.

Or perhaps I’ve lost my sense of humour, and that’s just how it is these days. Either way, I’d love to hear your views.

Keith Adams

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