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I tell you what – you don’t want to be me. You’d think being a motoring journalist, I’d know better. I should have a grade one classic in my garage, and a superb day-to-day car to back that up. I wish. Truth is, I own a bunch a questionable cars, and it’s all getting a bit out of hand.

Time has come to thin my fleet down a little bit. You know how it is – you a car because it’s a bargain for because you’ve always wanted one, it becomes your latest toy, and for a while, a honeymoon occurs, where the realtionship between you and your latest acquisition is all sweetness and light. Then after time, your attention wanders and you find yourself looking at another. And another. And another…

You see, the trouble with me is that I’m a bit of a car whore.

And that’s led me to the situation I am faced with at the moment. Several months ago, I bought a Citroen BX 16V because I’d had one in the past, and loved it to bits. But after a few weeks owning this one, I started to think my memory had been playing tricks on me… it wasn’t as fast as I remembered, and that meant the rot started to set in. I began to pick faults, finding more and more things to get annoyed at.

So, I parked it in my garage, and ignored it for a bit.

In the meantime, I picked up a bargain Peugeot 405 Mi16, and the whole shortlived honeymoon process started again. And round and round we go again.

That’s why I end up with loads of cars I never know what to do with – I just keep buying more of them (I call it CHPD; Compulsive Heap Purchase Disorder). At the moment I have an Alfasud (in pieces having a front end rebuild involving lots of fresh fabrication), a Citroen BX (which is immobile with an LHM leak), a Peugeot 405 Mi16 (nice to drive, but rather bit dented), an Allegro 1500 Special (yeah, okay, that has a very important job to do), a Talbot Tagora (dead gearbox), and a Rover 75 CDT.

It could be argued (quite easily) that out of that little lot, only the 75 represents something more than a pile of junk…

And yet I love them all – and when it comes to thinning down the fleet, I can’t decide what to do. I just don’t want to sell any of them. I’ve now decided I want a Rover 800 Vitesse Sport Fastback, but in order to do that, I’ll need to sell one of my beloved heaps.

And that, I can’t do – I guess I’m just sad.


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