The Far East’s first Montego?

Jesse Kraal

Austin Montego, or is it the Yue Loong Feeling?
Austin Montego, or is it the Yue Loong Feeling?

Firstly, my compliments on your very informative site. I end up spending hours here, losing myself reading stories and looking at pictures.

I published a column about the MG Maestro on the largest Dutch car forum and that turned into quite an active thread about the Maestro, Montego and the Metro ranges. However, whilst looking at your site recently, I realised that a Taiwanese car, which was sold in the Netherlands for a short time back in 1991 and 1992, had a remarkably familiar look about it.

The Yue Long Feeling was not a success and only a handful of them were sold over here. However, the Yue Long looks very similar to the Montego – the details, of course, differ but, in broad terms, there’s a striking likeness. I don’t know very much about this car, but maybe it would be nice to mention it on your site.

Pictures of it are hard to find, I have only one – and here are the prices as they were in 1992.

1.6 LS €11,050

1.8 LSX €11,957
1.8 LSX €13,318
1.8 GTX €13,318
1.8 GTX €14,680

Yu Loong Feeling brochure
Yue Loong Feeling brochure
Keith Adams


  1. I’ve done some more research for the car and it turned out to be a Taiwanese car instead of Chinees… Sorry! All the cars that were sold (122 in 1992 en 8 in 1993) in the Netherlands were bought back by the dutch importcompany. Can’t find any more pics unfortunatly (i know they exist, have seen them!)

  2. I work for a Japanese company (in the UK), and the walls of our office are adorned with pictures of our plants from around the world. Our Taiwanese plant photo had been troubling me for sometime as I was convinced the grainy image showed two Montego’s parked outside the entrance. I think you might have solved the mystery for me! Looks like they are actually the Yue Loong Feeling! Thanks, it has been bugging me for nearly 3 years!

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