Merry Christmas everyone!

Keith Adams

Happy holidays!
Happy holidays!

SHE got your attention – and now let’s get down to the boring bit…

The country seems to be winding down in readiness for the Christmas break and, as at office parties across the land people chill out and tell their co-workers exactly what they think of each other, I thought I’d take the opportunity to wish each and every one of you a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

It’s been an interesting year, with the world economy and the car industry going into meltdown and personal spending for most people being radically curbed – I wonder how this will all play going into 2009.

The good thing about this website, though, in times of crisis – it’s free (and always will be); you can indulge in a nice bit of escapism by coming here; and personal nostalgia doesn’t come much more potent than a look though the site’s galleries at brochures from happier times. You know, when we had our own industry and we built cars to be proud of.

Anyway, less of the navel examination, have a great holiday season, wherever you find yourself and remember – I am always happy to chat to AROnline readers, share memories and perhaps uncover fascinating new facts. It’s still happening after all these years. And long may it continue!

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Now, back to emailing my Christmas image…

Keith Adams

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