Blogs : August 2004

31 Aug 2004 MGR>TVR? By MARK BOARDMAN Some weeks on from the suprise announcement that another independent British specialist car producer had passed into foreign ownership, it seems opportune to […]

The original Mini has a huge following and with very good reason. They're cheap to run and insure and great fun to steer. Sadly, they're also rust-prone and costly.

Blogs : July 2004

30 Jul 2004 Bye for now! There’s nothing like doing a “cut and run”. No sooner are the results in for the vote to find the greatest BMC>Rover, than I […]


Blogs : June 2004

30 Jun 2004 Staples2Naples… again As can be read elsewhere on this website, the Staples2Naples plan is coming together beautifully. The car is chosen, the drivers vetted, and we’re already […]