Our Cars : Martin’s Austin Allegro – a very good service

The preparations to get Molly back on the road to join the 50th anniversary festivities of the Austin Allegro in Gaydon are at full steam now at the Retrogarage in Stolberg.

Photography: Markus La Tendresse and Alexander Boucke

Molly in the shop: The beast awakens

After more than a decade in a barn, our ex-Rally Allegro, known as Molly, is currently being commissioned. Her owner, Martin Blum, intends to take her to the Allegro Club International meeting at Gaydon on 14 May, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the launch of the Allegro range.

It will still take a little effort before the first test drive, let alone being a trust-worthy long-distance cruiser. But inside Retrogarage, Markus La Tendresse’s Francophile workshop, Molly is slowly taking shape again, while Martin is hunting down spares and polishing her up bit by bit.

After such a long time off the road, some serious service work is inevitable. All remaining fluids were drained – it was found that the fuel tank had drained itself at some point when looking at the remains of the rubber hose towards the fuel pump.

Markus continued stripping bits off the Allegro, while Martin tried to find suitable replacements. Obviously, the rear brakes were fully renewed while the front received new pads and hoses after the calipers were carefully freed.

When turning attention to the engine, some interesting things where found. The oil filter was a part-stream filter at best, as the little pressure plate keeping the filter firmly located in the oil stream was missing.

The filter insert was just loosely located inside the housing, most likely not fulfilling its duty. A club friend from the Dutch Austin-Morris-Riley-Wolseley-Register was able to help with sourcing one.

Next was to try and find a source for the coolant loss we encountered during the rally in 2005. The radiator was not looking too good and was sent off for a rebuild with an all-new copper core. However, this alone could not explain the pressurised fluid we found foaming from the expansion tank when the car was driven hard with high revs.

The cylinder head came off and revealed – nothing. The bores looked good, as did the piston tops. Black and evenly covered in soot, none showed any traces of water ingress. And the cylinder head gasket was intact too. No traces of cracks in the head were found, something not entirely unknown to E-Series engines.

The only thing Markus noticed were suspiciously loose nuts on the head bolts – it was as if they had not been tightened down correctly at some point in the past. Apart from that, everything looked fine and was assembled with great care, so we would be surprised if there will be any problem.

To check the suspension spheres’ condition, the suspension was pumped up. It held pressure well and, whilst there was still a very noticeable amount of gas in the hydragas system, the front left corner in particular felt too hard to be nice for travelling. Some fresh gas will therefore be in order before the test drive…

Allegro owners will probably know that the proper fog lamps are hard to come by. Markus’ solution for Molly’s rusty brown fog lamp reflectors is looking very good: he separated the glass from the housing to be able to re-finish the reflector. See below…

Alexander Boucke


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  5. Well this was supposed to be about servicing an Allegro, not a Twitter style rant about politics. For the record, I am no lover of the anti car green lobby, don’t like socialism, but certainly don’t come on here to hurl insults at people. It spoils what is mostly a very friendly and interesting website.

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