Driven : Toyota GT86 Primo

The GT86’s a brilliant sports coupe, which costs the same as a mid-range Ford Focus. It has reasonable performance, that makes you work for it, fun handling and interesting looks. In short, it’s the 2010s equivalent of the MGB GT… […]

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Driven : Jaguar XF 3.0 TDV6 S (296bhp)

Jaguar’s range is expanding agreeably – and although the F-Pace and XE have both stolen the limelight recently, the 2015 XF is a vitally-important kingpin to the company’s future success. The all-new aluminium platform that underpins the range is fundamental to the XF, and helps explain why it hit the market less than a year after the XE did. Such things would never have been possible in the Jaguar of old. […]

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Blog : Design for design’s sake – what’s the point?

If anyone out there thinks that car design is stagnating, and we’re living deep in the era of me-too styling, may I present you with the Lexus RX450h. Here’s a car that’s suffused with slashes, folds and creases, and although it’s a high-riding SUV, many of its design themes scream sports car at you. But here’s the thing – before I’d spent my week with this car, I could barely bring myself to look at it, but by the end of my tenure with a car I so wanted to hate, the beast had wormed its way into my affections. […]

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Driven : Jaguar XE R-Sport 2.0 i4 (160bhp)

It’s a tough market out there, so the XE needs to be good. We’re trying the entry-level 106g/km 160bhp version in S-Sport form. Being a press car, it’s loaded up with some tasty options (such as heated steering wheel, electrically deployable towbar and panoramic roof), which bumps the competitively-equipped R-Sport’s price from £34,075 to £44,341. You’ll just have to decide how many of those nice options you’re going to tick… […]


Blog : Why the Range Rover makes me proud to be British

It seems ages since the latest generation L405 Range Rover was launched – and yet, it’s only now that I’ve finally driven one. Four years on from its triumphant launch, and with them being a relatively common sight on UK roads, it’s great to be able to put some perspective on what for many of us could well be the best all-rounder in the world. […]