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First of all, thank you to everyone who has responded to our pleas for sponsorship, donations or help… your emails have been much appreciated. Who would have thought that raising money for charity could be such fun. My only worry is that it ends up going so well, that I develop a taste for it and want to go on more…

I do worry about this, but the other dangers that could afflict me (a sufferer of CHPD or Compulsive Heap Purchasing Disorder) have – I hope – been alleviated. One thing about my relationship with cars, is that no matter how good or bad they are, I always end up forming some kind of relationship with whatever I am driving at the time. This has proven costly in the past.

Many times, have I bought a heap for peanuts only to grow to like it, and then spend many times its value in upkeep (Citroen BXes were always a good black hole for parting me from my money). To avert myself from this danger, I have made sure that we have an effective exit strategy (sell the car on eBay, proceeds to charity).

There is also the worry of finding co-drivers; people that are as nutty about cars as I am. Again, I need not have been concerned, as a few brave (or foolish) souls have volunteered themselves. My only worry now, is deciding who goes and who stays. Going off my driving, perhaps I should stay… especially as we will be crossing the Stelvio Pass on day two (note to self, ‘must not drive as though I am in a Vitesse Sport’).

So, the matter of getting rid of the car at the end of the event, and finding drivers to join me seem to have sorted themselves out. QED then..? Not quite.

There’s the small matter of the heap as well. As we have no car for the trip yet, I do worry about how this will pan out. OK, I know that I have three months to sort the matter out, but it would be nice to know what heap I’ll be driving sooner, rather than later. I did draw up a shortlist (which was very short) of BMC>Rover cars, which would be affordable and able to make it, but then I remembered that the thing could cost no more than £100 and beggars cannot be chosers.

So this is where you come in, dear readers. If you have a car that you want to get rid of for under £100, or know where you can get your hands on one, please, please, please get in touch. All that I ask is that it is MoTed beyond October 10th, is roadworthy, and is of BMC>Rover origin. Beyond that, I really do not mind. Although a Honda engine would be a boon…

Keith Adams

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