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So there you go… a few magical days and it’s all over. Staples2Naples was an absolute blast from start to finish and it just shows that it is still possible to have fun on the roads without the spectre of GATSOs, road rage or aggravation from other drivers. OK, so we had to go to mainland Europe to find that, and only in Italy did we feel free, but you get the idea.

During the course of the four day event, we drove 1500 miles, saw snow at the top of the Alps one day and experienced 26 degree heat at a “holiday resort” near Naples the next. It just shows what diversity Europe has to offer when you know where to look.

I think the thing that struck me most about the event was just how much people out there love their cars, and how much cameraderie there still is between us petrolheads. Sometimes you can forget that when immersed in the UK’s rat race. The Italian police were a good case in point – some of the cars on our event were truly diabolical to look at, and yet they were happy for us to do what we were doing because it was seen as a good cause. I suspect that Italy’s love of the car might have something to do with it, also. Whatever the reason for the police’s tolerence down there, it made for a refreshing change for us Brits…

If you love cars and love driving, you
cannot afford to miss this thing. A few
more years, and events like this simply
won’t be possible. Enjoy it while you can

There were high spirits, but people knew not to cross the line – and that shows just how most of us regulate ourselves perfectly well when left to our own devices. It’s a shame that it is pretty unlikely that this ideology could be rolled out across the rest of us, but well, you know.

I’ll be on the Staples2Naples run next year, hopefully raising more money for charity. Thanks to all those who chose to contribute and help, and thanks to the organizers for staging such a great event. Next year, we’ll attack it with a different mindset, I suspect, and more than likely not bringing anything back with us…

If you love cars and love driving, you cannot afford to miss this thing. A few more years, and events like this simply won’t be possible. Enjoy it while you can.

One thing that Staples2Naples proved was that a well-maintained Rover R8 is a very dependable car indeed. It used no water, no oil and screamed over the Alpine passes when many others suffered from problems (especially with their braking)… Nope, that little Rover is a very nice car indeed, and I hope one day that the company finds a way of rediscovering how to build such popular medium sized cars.

If you agree with me and are on a budget, go out and buy one. In fact, go out and buy ours. It’s on eBay and the proceeds of the sale go to charity. Take a look, make a bid, and if you’re lucky, you could own a 216GTi, which has been raced and rallied!

Keith Adams

Keith Adams

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