The Torcars Sherpa

For those who wanted a home-from-home when they went on holiday, Torcars offered these two Sherpa-based campers.

Suntor Sherpa

Folllowing on from the success of their Marina-based models, Torcars introduced this full-size camper van, taking the Sherpa 215 as its basis. A fully insulated, fibreglass elevating roof, complete with side windows and ventilation grilles, gave 6′ 2″ internal headroom (interestingly, only 2″ more than in the Suntor Marina). The versatile, Dunlopillo-upholstered seating, consisting of individual front seats and inward-facing twin double-length benches in the rear, could be rearranged into a number of different configurations, including seating for six, or a choice of two single beds or one double. A table (stored in the roof of the cab) could be erected between the rear benches to form a useful dining area.

The well-planned rear end managed to squeeze in a split-level cooker and over, fridge, wardrobe with built-in shelves and drawers, a large stainless steel sink complete with drainer and electric water pump, and a wealth of storage lockers. Further facilities included fluorescent lighting, sockets for a TV and a shaver, and a waste disposal unit. In true Suntor style, the specification was completed with fitted carpets, curtains and a four-place dinner service.


The range-topping Tor-Royal featured a coachbuilt body unit, attached to the Sherpa chassis-cab. The specification built upon that of the Suntor Sherpa, with the extra space allowing for such luxuries as a toilet and shower, plus running hot and cold water. While the seating offered the same flexibility as the Suntor model, the Tor-Royal had the added benefit of a bed over the cabin area, meaning that it could sleep up to five.

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  1. Brilliant resource – I had two sherpa’s, which carried my Motocross bikes all over the country, and loved them both, would have loved a camper version.

  2. A darker version of the kitchen setup in the old 12ft CI sprite we had. Those curtains true 1970s hideousity, and again the original CI ones as bad, but wish could find a reasonably priced Sherpa diesel engine for wolseley – some low compression pistons and that nice expensive supercharger and you’d have a 78hp supercharged diesel @ 5-6psi and 120+ torque, possibly a bit more with intercooler.

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