Gallery : Rootes dealers and factories

The Rootes Group head office in London

Keith Adams   Thanks to Shahin of the PaykanHunter website (and regular of Autoshite), who put in some serious hours scanning a selection of amazing transparencies, we now have further insight into how the Rootes Group dealerships in the UK looked – and what you were faced with as a potential Hillman or Chrysler customer. […]

Marques : Hillman

Hillman started out as a small scale cycle manufacturer, and built some interesting cars, but it did not survive the 1920s without being bought-out. In the end, it was Rootes brothers that did the deed, before carving out an extremely successful car producing business for themselves… Hillman became the dominant marque in the Rootes Group, […]

Tested : Marina vs Avenger


Too close to call? Two doyens of the British family car market slug it out in the first of a new series of road tests… First published in Classic Car Weekly in August 2005, KEITH ADAMS pitted the Hillman Avenger against its arch rival from Cowley, the Morris Marina. It was a close call… Introduction […]

Hillman Avenger : Avenger production in New Zealand

Avengers in New Zealand To celebrate the opening of Todd Motor’s Todd Park car plant at Porirua, Wellington, the December 1974 issue of NZ Motor World ran a large feature of Todds and their operations. Within the feature was a full page glossy colour spread of a car on their production lines, a yellow Hillman […]

Hillman Avenger : Hillman Avenger in production

Ryton’s finest The Avenger was originally built at a new assembly line at the newly expanded Ryton plant, near Coventry. Ryton was essentially an assembly operation, because the bodies and pressed panels were shipped by rail from the Linwood plant in Scotland and the engine/gearbox assemblies came from the company’s Stoke plant. This was actually […]

Hillman Avenger : Avengers in New Zealand

B Car down under The Avenger was also assembled in New Zealand, and proved a minor hit on the Kiwi market. Andy Thompson and Shannon Stevenson take up its story. A large number of Avengers were sold in New Zealand. That is why there are still many of them and other British cars of that […]

Hillman Avenger : Sunbeam Avenger

The Avenger was marketed in the European mainland as a Sunbeam Avenger, here are some images… Sunbeam Avenger Estate Pictures kindly supplied by Hervé Le Guernic and Julian Marsh

Hillman Avenger : Brazilian Avengers

Undoubtedly, the most stylish Avenger derivatives were the Brazilian ones… The Polara looked almost like a two-door Coupe, such was its roofline. Andy Thompson charts its evolution. The Avenger was also made by Chrysler do Brasil from 1971 to 1980 as the Dodge 1500 (and 1800) and later as the Dodge Polara augmenting the Dart […]

Hillman Avenger : Argentinean Avengers

In Argentina, the Avenger carved itself a solid image as a reliable car for the middle classes. Andy Thompson tells its story… Five years after being conceived in 1966 as part of the Hillman Avenger programme, South American production of the Avenger began in Argentina in August 1971 as the Dodge 1500. Made by Chrysler-Fevre […]

Hillman Avenger : Plymouth Cricket

The Stateside Avenger The B Car was developed by Rootes using Chrysler’s money; it was only a matter of time before the parent company in the USA decided to import it into the USA. As a result, Chrysler sold the Linwood-built Avenger in the most demanding of markets under its Plymouth brand. Sadly poor quality […]