Picture gallery : Miscelleneous prototypes

BL Zanda

The BL Zanda was a motor show prototype produced by Harris Mann and showed to the world in 1969. This car still exists and is on display at the Motor Heritage Museum in Gaydon, Warwickshire. Mann caught the attention of BL’s upper management with this car and as a result, went on to style the Allegro, Princess and TR7…… and in my opinion, should be regarded as one of the great stylists of that era. The Allegro may not be regarded as a looker, but certainly his other designs were bold and interesting – and this Zanda show a purity of form.

Triumph TR7 Targa

This rendering probably was not meant to, but it looks almost like a raised-suspension off-roading special. Something like the Saab 9-X that is currently doing the rounds at international motor shows (Jan 2002). In all seriousness, it appears to be speculative drawing of what a TR7 V8 convertible would look like, should it appear. The targa top idea was dropped during development in 1971 and the first “real” open topped Triumph TR7 was the fully convertible model that appeared in May 1979.

Keith Adams

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