Gallery : Longbridge Flightshed, Nov ’06

RDX60 – 3/4 front

RDX60 – 3/4 rear

RDX60 – five door 3/4 rear

RDX60 – five door 3/4 front

RDX60 mule interior

ZT-Tourer testing?

Race fliers?

Prototype braking parts

CityRover crash test car

Flightshed roof

Corridor of contrasts

Oil depot

Side impact damage

Flightshed workstation

Heritage tool chest

Happier times


Rogues gallery

Parts treasure trove

Tyres and wheels

V8 ECU testbed?

Testing times are over

Rigged for action

K-Series on test

3 March 2007

Notes on testing

Unloved V8

What could have been…

‘Retain in the UK’

NAC Phase 1?

Where’s this one going?

EU4 test engines

Ready to go…

MG TF rig

Everything is evaluated

Brake testing

Not for the public
Keith Adams

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