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Blog : Mike’s Rover 75 comes back home limping

75 for sale 011

Mike Humble Me and my big mouth. A couple of weeks ago, I got in touch with Richard Fernadez, the nice chap who bought my project Rover 75 in 2012. I asked him if he was bringing it to the 2014 Pride of Longbridge – and despite a very busy schedule, Richard said he would […]

Our Cars : Mike’s Rover 214SLi

She lives for another year - The 214 SLi is staying put.

Mike Humble enjoys another year’s trouble-free motoring with his early Rover 214. …with the added bonus of an MoT pass. Another year with my mate, R8 I may be many things – overweight, over opinionated, underpaid and overworked, but indecisiveness doesn’t really apply in my world. Rightly or wrongly I stick by my guns and […]

Our Cars : Mike’s Rover 214SLi


These boots are made for driving From the outside, the only visual aspect of my R8 214 that I have never got used to are the spindly 14-inch wheels, shod with laughably skinny 175/70×14 tyres. It makes tyre replacement cheap, even though as time passes, a decreasing number of vehicles have tyres this size fitted. […]

Our Cars : Mike’s Rover 214SLi – charging forward into 2014!


Mike Humble It’s been an interesting few weeks with the Rover, to be honest. Firstly, the damn thing nearly gets written off thanks to a Yummy Mummy driving in the middle of the road in her Ford Galaxy on a blind bend, causing me to run the car up a muddy bank into some hedgerows […]

Our Cars : Mike’s Rover – don’t neglect your loved ones


Mike Humble Since the R8 has come back into the fold not a great deal has been reported, quite simply because just like the time under my previous ownership, it’s simply just got on with the job. Over the past few weeks owing to running a couple of test cars, the 214 was seconded to […]

Our Cars : Mike’s Rover 214SLi – racking up the miles

2000 miles down the road - The R8 feels like its never been away!

Mike Humble I simply adore a car that requires a squirt of juice and a dab of throttle to operate. It is, after all, what we all need in a car – sheer reliability allied with a hint of character. There hasn’t really  been anything to report on since the Rover’s return, with the exception […]

Our Cars : Richard Truett’s Triumph Stag – Part 3


Richard Truett Not long ago, I leaned over the wing, looked into the Stag’s engine bay and all I saw was an abyss. Nothing fit. Nothing worked. Nothing lined up. Installing the proven and reliable Triumph 2.5-litre six into the Stag was the easy part of my summer Stag project. And it is where my […]

Our Cars : MINI First – four wheels on my wagon

MINI First (5)

Keith Adams They say that you need four wheels on your wagon but, after a bit of an unfortunate incident, I came away having come to the conclusion that cars really are better with five. It was the end of a long week and, driving on some back lanes to avoid a rather annoying traffic […]

Our Cars : Mike’s Rover 214SLi


Mike Humble   Friends reunited Out of the huge number of cars I’ve owned during the past 24 years, only a handful have tugged at the heartstrings when it’s been time to move on and sell. A really nice Saab Turbo was sold to make way for a company Audi, and of course there was […]

Our Cars : Mike’s Citroen Xantia

Basking in the Sussex sun with the South Downs behind, the Southpaw Xantia is back!

Mike Humble The bangernomic bug bites again First things first, the Xantia is back in the fold - the car’s so good I bought it twice. Having passed it on to a work colleague, who enjoyed a few months of very happy motoring, it became surplus to requirements. Following an incident in which the Renault backfired and stopped, causing […]