Austin/MG Maestro (LC10)

Maestro economy run

One of those interesting publicity stunts was staged in order to highlight the Maestro’s potential for fuel economy… THE photograph was taken as she flagged off the two teams of […]

Jaguar XJ-S

Banham Jaguars

A couple of Banham conversions which closely mirrorred Jaguar’s own open-top offerings… Banham appears to have ceased trading in 2004, although we have yet to find out the full details… […]

Triumph TR7/TR8

Sheaffer TRZ

Buy the pen, win the car… When pen company Sheaffer launched a stylish new ball pen called the TRZ in 1981, they spotted an opportunity to use the similarly named […]

Leyland Sherpa (CV306)

The Torcars Sherpa

For those who wanted a home-from-home when they went on holiday, Torcars offered these two Sherpa-based campers. Suntor Sherpa Folllowing on from the success of their Marina-based models, Torcars introduced […]

Our Cars

Polish Restoration : Saving an SD1, part 2

Back in 2005, we bought a £200 Rover SD1 as a project, in order to save it from a fate involving kit-car owners and the scrapyard… in the subsequent months, nothing happened, and the home restoration never happened. However an unusual plan to ship it out to Poland germinated in our minds […]