Police cars

Police cars : Rover/Land Rover

Although earlier Rovers such as the P4 and P5 were certainly used by various police forces, the British Leyland-era P6 and SD1 became almost synonymous with the term ‘jam sandwich’, referring to dayglo orange stripe carried by motorway patrol cars. […]

Austin Maxi (ADO14)

Buying Guide : Austin Maxi

The Austin Maxi has the honourable distinction of being Sir Alec Issigonis’ final production car – and just like the Mini and 1100 before it, the Maxi boasted an extremely advanced spec sheet.

Keith Adams takes a look at this oft-misunderstood car and highlights the good… and the bad. […]

AROnline News

Obituary : George Cole 1925-2015

Actor George Cole, who will be forever remembered for playing Arthur Daley in ITV’s Minder, from 1979 to ’94, has died, aged 90 following a short illness. Although Cole and Daley became almost indivisible in the eyes of his adoring fans, this was very much an Indian Summer in his acting career, which spanned generations. […]


Events : Report – BMC/BL Rally, Peterborough 2015

After years of being talked down, it looks like the BMC/BL Rally was back with a bang in 2015. Although we didn’t grab the visitor numbers before leaving Ferry Meadows, it was clear that the show’s attendance was up on previous years, despite strong showings from upstart events like the Pride of Longbridge and the Gaydon BMC and BL Show. […]