Car Reviews

First Drive : Jaguar XF (2015)

The all-new second-generation Jaguar XF breaks cover, and as part of its maker’s renaissance, it has its sights aimed aggressively at the BMW 5-series, Audi A6 and Mercedes-Benz E-class.

Does the aluminium beauty have what it takes? Motoring Research’s Tim Pitt gets behind the wheel… […]


Marques : Hillman

Hillman started out as a small scale cycle manufacturer, and built some interesting cars, but it did not survive the 1920s without being bought-out. In the end, it was Rootes brothers that did the deed, before carving out an extremely successful car producing business for themselves… […]


Blog : Ask AROnline

I decided that I could set up an ASK ARONLINE section of our moribund forum, and have added a link to our top menu. So, if you have any question about cars that’s burning away, click the link, hit ‘New Topic’ and ask away. I don’t profess to know everything, by any stretch of the imagination, but I do know a lot of people who do know a lot of things, so if I can’t come up with an answer, I’m sure one of those can. […]


Blog : Could Jaguar have been braver?

It’s funny how a mature and well-resolved design can make a car lack ‘surprise and delight’ appeal. Take the Jaguar XE – it’s a great looking car, superbly engineered, and after a quick drive, it was easy to conclude that it’s there or thereabouts at the head of one of the most competitive market sectors. But seeing it in standard small-wheeled form in silver, it’s a little underwhelming in the looks department, and it leaves me wondering whether the (understandably) safety-first approach to its design, was really necessary? […]

AROnline News

News : MG GS caught testing in the UK

MG Motor UK’s new Qashqai rival, the sharp-looking GS SUV is now testing in the UK, and sporting Birmingham number plates. The car, which was snapped by AROnline reader, Steve Webb on the M42 last week, is powered by a GM/SAIC 1.5-litre engine according to DVLA registration data – although we rather hope it’s actually sporting the promising 2.0-litre turbo that powers the launch models in China. […]


Blog : Let’s hear it for the Class 37…

The Class 37 has had an even longer career than the Brush Class 47, but because it was more of a mixed traffic locomotive, and less powerful, it never hauled the crack expresses. The locomotive was a product of the English Electric company, which in the 1950s was riding high. During World War II, English Electric had built Handley Page Halifax bombers under licence at their Warton plant. […]


Blog : The return of ‘Other Cars’

You’ll have to be eagle-eyed to spot it, but I’ve reinstated the ‘other’ cars link on the site. Head up to the menu, above, click on ‘The Cars’, wheel down to ‘Other Cars’, and you’ll see an interesting collection of British cars we’ve covered on AROnline. […]


Blog : Plus ça change, MG Motor UK

It must be a year since I’ve put pen to paper (vitually) about MG Motor UK, and I think my tone back then might have been careful optimism about the company’s chances once the MG GS comes on stream. One year on, it feels as though the wait for this interestingly-styled baby SUV is as long as ever, and we’re still notching up penny number sales in the UK. […]


Blog : Let’s hear it for the Class 47…

I get the impression that editor Keith and Mike Humble are big HST/Inter City 125 fans. Perhaps they had the Hornby model as kids?
But I think the Brush Type 4 or Class 47 is a more remarkable locomotive. Introduced in 1962, some 30 are still in service in 2015, an amazing 53 years. The HST has only put in a mere 39 years service! […]