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Craig Cheetham

My apologies for the Metro overkill in recent weeks, but the humble hatchback seems to be very much the car of the moment amongst AROnline readers – so much so, that I was spurred into buying one myself.

Yes, it's nice. But the price surprised me...
Yes, it’s nice. But the price surprised me…

This example is, of course, a rarity – a Mk 2 GTA in Flame Red, with less than 30,000 miles on the clock. However, it’s not perfect, and that goes to show how rare (and how suddenly desirable) Metros have become. It seems to be the classic of choice for some younger enthusiasts.

Whether this is down to nostalgia, cars that mum and dad had when they were growing up in the 1990s, or their inherent rarity as a side-effect of how many were disposed of during the Scrappage Scheme is impossible to tell – but, for 1990s classics and for Metros in particular, demand seems to outstrip supply at the moment…

There aren't many GTA sleft that arethis good, but it's not completely devoid of work needed, as the scuff on the rear arch illustrates
There aren’t many GTAs left that are this good, but it’s not completely devoid of the need for some work – the scuff on the rear arch being a case in point


Red belts - like every sporty Metro should...
Red belts – just as every sporty Metro should have…

I love this. I’d love to own it. I need to have a bit of mental reset, though – low mileage or not, in my head, this one’s still a cheap  £500 banger and not something that justifies being well over £1000 with five days bidding to go. Clearly I’m wrong – and, for the benefit of Metro fans everywhere, that has to be a good thing!

You have until Monday to get your bids in…


Craig Cheetham


  1. I do like cars such as this which ooze with curiosity value!

    A very interesting car as this later version of the GTa, announced in the Summer of 1994, was as a special edition model – remember the original 1.4 GTa was replaced by the 1.4 Si in approximately 1992. It is probably one of the last Rover Metros to be registered (not to mention GTa version), as the mildly revised and renamed (for the UK market) Rover 100 Series was announced in December 1994 and went on sale the following month.

    I would guess this example hung around in a small dealership before it was eventually registered.

    Hope it finds a good home.

    • Yes

      But I think the focus was so on Rover and the market centre of gravity was moving to premium brands, so maybe it was not such a bad move.

      At that time the Hot Hatch as typified by the mk1 Golf, 205 GTI AND XR3i had become uninsurable by all but those too old to enjoy them. Whilst the 205 GTI and XR3i disappeared the Golf GTI was to grow up all sensible.

      So i am not sure a cheap and cheerful MG Metro 16v would have sold that well as the market wanted something softer and more sensible.

  2. Please, no more Metros! They are not classics, especially not the late models, and they are still around in huge numbers thanks to their devoted OAP owners. The strong bidding they are attracting is an interesting point to note, but can we not find some SD1s or Marinas or something a bit less common on ebay?

  3. @ Andy W, it’s horses for courses. Someone must have still been interested in the L reg Citroen AX I saw yesterday, a car which was even less safe in a crash than a Metro and less reliable.

  4. Love the red seatbelts. The MG Maestro & Montys got those too. I always thought they would look good on a ZR, ZS, ZT…

    • They looked fabulous on the Rover 200 BRM Limited Edition, as an alternative to the slightly more recent MG ZR 160.

  5. No need to apologise for another Metro. Bring them on and ignore those whining like an A series gearbox in 1st or 2nd gear ! This is a site for all those fine and not-so-fine British cars.

  6. My Mum had a 94 Metro 1.4Si, which I think is basically the same car, although it had wider wheels I think (and heavy steering).

    It was a superb car, and I had some great fun on twisty Scottish roads in it. The engine was 76bhp if I recall, but felt much faster than the “73bhp” MG Metro that preceeded it.

    I also would love this car, and I think Metros will be true classics soon. The A-series ones must be super rare as so many have been robbed of their engines for Minis. The biggest flaw I think Metros had, like Minis, was poor rustproofing, but you can resolve that nowadays.

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