Events : Preview – BMC/BL Rally & Spares Day 2015

Mike Humble


Well, it’s here again – this year’s BMC/BL Rally and Spares Day will be held in Ferry Meadows, Nene Park, Peterborough on Sunday, 2 August 2015. Even though many pundits reckoned the event might fade as Pride of Longbridge amazingly gets bigger every year, there seems to be no evidence of that happening.

New for this year is the introduction of bikes and scooters into the fold – not BLARG, but every inch part of the British transport scene throughout the 1960s and 1970s – besides, it will give those interested in the general British historic transport affair something extra to drool over. As with previous years, there is an epic autojumble on site and, if it’s anything like 2014, you are bound to find what you are looking for be it brochures or B-Series rocker gaskets.

AROnline has some good news, too… We have secured a small pitch upon which we are inviting readers to display their cars so, if it’s BLARG, it’s welcome, but we only have limited spaces – as it currently stands there are 13 spaces left. However, whether you join our bandy gang on the stand or not, you MUST book your car into the show in advance – it’s only £5.00 but you have until 26 July 2015 otherwise those who turn up on the day will have to pay £9.00 so, as Fred Pontin used to tell us, BOOK EARLY!

Come and meet "Douglas" on the AROnline stand at Peterborough.
Come and meet “Douglas” on the AROnline stand at Peterborough

Should you choose to join us on the stand, we’ll be hosting a PK Quiz at 1.30pm for a bit of light-hearted fun. This is your chance to test your product knowledge of BLARG and the winner gets a nice little prize for their trouble with car stickers for the runner ups. We did this at the 10th Anniversary gathering at Gaydon a few years back and it went down really well. You’ll have a chance to meet “Douglas” the Bader-Matic Maestro Vanden Plas project car on the AROnline stand – providing, of course, nothing else snaps or falls off in the meantime.

Either way, the BMC/BL Rally and Spares Day is likely to be a cracker and, with a bit of luck, we may enjoy the same sunny weather as last year. There’s plenty to see, plenty to do and plenty to eat or drink with an exhibit or attraction guaranteed to suit all ages and taste – see you there perhaps?

For more information about the event, how to get there and how to book in advance if you intend to display your vehicle click here.


Mike Humble


  1. After several years of non-attendance we will be there again from The Netherlands. We will bring our SD1 3500 this year.

  2. So far we have…
    Rover 416 gsi (1993)
    Project maestro vandan plas
    Rover 75 se (2002)
    Rover 800 vittess (1999)
    Range rover P38
    Rover SD1 3500(TBC)

  3. I will be there in my 45 Connoisseur as will one of my friends in a Tahiti blue 416 ixl . Could you add us to the list if possible . Thanks Craig

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