History : Rover 75 and MG ZT DVD Project – can you help?

Arguably Rover’s most thoroughly-engineered car and certainly the company’s swansong – Project R40 aka the Rover 75 and MG ZT. Did you play a part in its build, development or engineering? If so, we’d love to hear from you

Following on from the pleasingly successful Rover Story DVD which was filmed last year, Producer John Clancy and I had a catch-up ‘phone call to see how things were getting on. During this chin-wag, we discussed the idea of doing some kind of high-quality production covering the lows and highs of the car that is arguably MG Rover’s swansong saloon – the Rover 75 and MG ZT.

It must be stressed that this is only a very faint sketch on the drawing board at the moment. These things take a monumental amount of planning, researching and editing. Not only the aforementioned, but two very important questions need to be answered in order for the planted seed to grow into something much bigger.

  • Is there a market for such a thing?
  • Is there a deep enough knowledge pool to glean from?
The dream quickly became a nightmare following the departure of BMW in 2000. The MG ZT and ZT-T were sporting and cost-effective additions to the R40 portfolio, but not enough to save the company. After a very quick six years (99 – 05) it was all over for MG Rover

Calling all workers and engineers

We have already spoken to a small number of key ex-MGR staff who have declared an interest and offered to assist. The next step involves good folk like yourselves. The call is out for former assembly line workers, factory or dealer management, development engineers and so on with access to their own archive footage – if you, or someone you know, has tangible hands-on experience of R40 at coal-face level and would like to take part we’d love to hear about it no matter how small.

Input from owners and fans will come at a later date of course and we will let you know of due progress. For now, though, please contact either me via mike@aronline.co.uk or John Clancy via bfcc@hotmail.co.uk. At this stage, we are just testing the water and merely looking for ex-Rover staff to stake their interest in helping. Oh, and while are you are looking at Triumph DVD’s impressive catalogue, grab your debit card and order something nice!

Mike Humble


  1. Wish I had something concrete to contribute to this project, apart from to say “YES!” there is an interest/market for this. All power to your collective elbow

  2. Very interesting news. Thank you.
    I lived in Brunei and I own 2 units of Rover 75. I keep many spare parts of it including 2 new Gearboxes.
    Like to get in touch with Rover 75 fans to share knowledge with each other.

    • Hi there. I own a 51 plate diesl est and a v6 petrol w reg. Recently purchased a 04 mg . Saloon engine u/s. What i would like to know is will front bumper head lights etc interchange.

  3. I owned from new a 2004 Rover75 Connoisseur diesel automatic, it is a fabulous vehicle that came with a multitude of factory fitted extras and still runs well with 180,000 miles on the clock, I’m sad that there isn’t anything out there that compares when mine finally gives up, (I shall particularly miss the heated seats!)

  4. Fantastic cars. Massively underrated and I still see so many on the road round my way (Suffolk) which never fails to put a smile on my face.
    A great send off to the true MG Rover marque!

  5. I would especially love to hear the inside story of MG ZT 260. When they decided to fit the longitudinal RWD V8 drivetrain into the FWD transverse layout. It must be a unique occurence in the automotive history.

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