News : All-new Metrocab to start UK production in 2016


Frazer-Nash Research Limited and Ecotive Limited, the makers of the all-new Metrocab – the only zero-emissions capable black cab currently operating in London, are pleased to announce that the Metrocab for the UK will enter volume production in Coventry next year, as part of a new partnership with manufacturing specialist, Multimatic that includes an extra investment of £50 million.

Multimatic is a privately-held global corporation supplying components, systems and services to the automotive industry. The company is headquartered in Markham, Ontario, Canada, and has operating divisions in North America, Europe and Asia, with manufacturing partners in South America and Australia. Multimatic’s core competencies lie in the high-volume manufacture of automotive mechanisms, structures and suspension components, as well as the design and development of automotive body and chassis systems.

Multimatic Niche Vehicles (MNV) manufactures complete cars as well as body/chassis assemblies for low volume programs such as Aston Martin’s One-77, Zagato and GT12, the Lagonda Taraf and Ford GT.  Multimatic Engineering supplies customers as diverse as Red Bull Formula One, Tesla and Mercedes AMG.  Multimatic has a well-established manufacturing facility in Coventry, which is now undergoing a programme of expansion to accommodate the start of Metrocab production next year.

Prototype shells at the Coventry site.
Prototype shells at the Coventry site

Metrocab Chairman, Sir Charles Masefield, said: ‘This announcement marks another important step in bringing the all-new electric powered Metrocab to volume production. Our prototype fleet is already operating very successfully in London, proving that our Range Extended Electric taxis are the solution to delivering on the City’s Ultra Low Emission Zones promises from 2018. Next year we will enter volume production with the hugely respected and experienced Multimatic. We are delighted to be working with such an established partner to fulfil our ambitions following our significant investment in developing this product and to bring further skilled jobs to the UK.”

Multimatic Vice-President, Larry Holt, added: ‘We have been following closely the development of zero-emissions capable taxis in the UK, and have worked with Metrocab for a number of years to bring their prototype fleet to the market. We are all delighted with the performance and operational results of this first fleet, and it is very satisfying to now commit to enter series production of the all-new Metrocab. The taxi has clearly been designed and engineered from the ground up with the global market in mind, and Multimatic has the facilities and capabilities to make this a truly international product – a prospect which really excites us.”

The Metrocab is available now on the streets of London, with a small trial fleet being operated by Comcab, and is the first zero-emission-capable taxi to be licensed by Transport for London to operate on a trial basis as a London Hackney Carriage.


Mike Humble


  1. It’s a pity they had to attempt a pastiche of the original FX4 styling. Better to have started with something new. It looks awful, worse than the TX series.

  2. Isn’t it more of an update to the.. er.. Metrocab? Ok the radiator grille is a bit FX4 but it’s also typical of the deep grilles most modern vehicles have.

    Hopefully London cabbies will buy them in their droves and help retain the identity of London hackney cabs. British built too.

  3. A London Taxi should look like a London Taxi & not like a Mercedes Van, or a Ford Transit connect (New York Taxi).

    • Or, indeed, a Nissan van, or a Ford SUV (New York).

      In fact, any time I’ve been to the US, I’ve been disappointed to not travel in a Crown Victoria cab. Toyota Camry, Ford Fusion and Chrysler Voyager were my steeds.

  4. It’s coincidental that Multimatic happen to have a UK plant in Coventry, so both rival London Cabs will be assembled in Coventry!

  5. I saw one of these on the streets yesterday, I think it was in service but can’t be certain!

  6. This is very good news. When tourists come to our capital city, they are soon going to see modern British buses and taxis that they won’t see anywhere else outside the UK. This is the sort of USP that we were in danger of losing following the death of LTI and withdrawal of the AECs.

    I agree with the previous comment. In New York, part of the magic as a tourist is the thought of getting into Crown Vic, (and previously Checker) cabs. A Nissan just diminishes that whole experience a bit.

    Keep up the good work.


  7. This is quite amazing, a London cab eletrified – brilliant. If only the rest of the auto business could catch up.
    I would love one for my personal transportation.
    Well done

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