News : Nissan clocks-up 3000 UK LEAF sales

Nissan LEAF

Nissan’s position as the leader in the UK electric car market has been underlined by the 3000th sale of the LEAF in Great Britain. It hit the landmark in November when a total of 141 new British-built LEAFs were registered at dealerships across the country.

Nissan’s second generation LEAF, which went on sale in May 2013 with more than 100 improvements on its predecessor, has secured more than 1300 UK sales in just six months. Jon Pollock, Sales Director at Nissan GB said: ‘The LEAF has already done a huge amount to change attitudes and open minds in the UK and across the world.’

The Nissan LEAF continues to grow in popularity further field as well. To date, more than 16,000 LEAFs have found owners across Europe, while global sales have now topped an astonishing 87,000. The battery-powered car is now built at the company’s UK factory in Washington, Britain’s largest and most productive car factory.

Keith Adams


  1. Well done indeed. Considering how Nissan (DATSUN) started in the UK with cheap imports in the 70’s (I owned three), they have come a long way with all their cars, with more innovation to come I guess.

  2. not very green tho considering the damage being done to extract battery components on the other side of the world!

  3. It takes seven gallons of oil to make an average tyre, forty-seven barrels of oil to make an average car from the beginning to the showroom.

    We have 800 million cars on the worlds roads all consuming, there are no undiscovered wells of oil and if the Saudis are drilling off-shore which is fifty times dearer than on land you know we have peaked.

    Nothing whatsoever will replace oil once it runs out.

  4. ant80 @ 5

    ” not very green tho considering the damage being done to extract battery components on the other side of the world! ”

    Yes, just shifting the source of pollution. Not really any greener. Still an innovative car though.

    Hilton D @ 3 – Reminds me of my Grandfather. Had Beetles then a mark 1 Golf. I can quite clearly remember the night he talked about switching to Datsun/Nissan. My Dad & I tried to persuade him – ” for goodness sake no !! ” . We felt he was being influenced mainly by the equipment tally over VW engineering, quality. Wouldn’t think that now !

  5. Lithium will be the nee oil… I was reading a minerals firm wanted to rip open an ancient lake bed and chuck out the local community in order to get at the metal.

    in fact the battery process itself is pretty dirty work too.

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