The MINI: Car of The Decade

Keith Adams

I can already sense the barrage of criticism we’re about to receive for this one but, in choosing the MINI (2000-2006) for AROnline’s Car of The Decade, I’m looking at a number of factors.

However, before you comment, read the full article and look at the picture gallery…


Keith Adams


  1. Keith, I think it’s a good and fair result. All the anti-MINI contributors need to recognise that this car is an international success. For all its faults, BMW made the right call for what the market wanted.

  2. Keith, I think you rattled a few with this one. I’m a bit stuck on this one, I neither love or loathe this car but it has brought a lot of jobs to Oxford, which isn’t a bad thing.

    My problem is: this I have a Land Rover Discovery and a Triumph GT6 and have owned a lot of other BL/ARG cars including Mini’s. However, I also own a mint low mileage BMW E30 Touring and I have just finished restoring a 1983 944 (try changing the clutch on one of those!) so I am a bit torn.

    Not all BMW’s are great – the first Z3s were pants – but, when they make a good one, they do it well and this is one of those cars, otherwise it would have bombed.

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