Archive : 2-Day Week For 1500 BMC Men


Fifteen hundred British Motor Corporation employees are to be transferred from a three to a two-day week because of strikes in the bodies branch at Morris Motors, Coventry.

Production of the M.G.A sports car and the Morris Minor Traveller has ceased at the M.G. Car Company’s Abingdon works. It was believed this morning that a series of strikes at the Coventry factory had been settled.

Twenty lorry drivers then walked out because there was work for only 14 of them.

“Some other workers accompanied them, the situation is confused, and it is difficult to say how many people are on strike” said a B.M.C. official.

“The position is however, that the works is at a standstill and we do not know when production will be resumed.”

The 1,500 men are employed at the Nuffield Metal Products factory at Washwood Heath, Birmingham. They will attend a mass meeting on Monday to discuss the cut in hours.

Keith Adams

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