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The growing problem of storing finished vehicles awaiting dispatch has been partly solved by the British Motor Corporation, whose nine-storey car park, said to be the world’s biggest, will be completed by the end of August.

Now at the half-way stage, the building was shown to invited guests and journalists today. Costing £550,000, it will take 3,300 vehicles at about £165 apiece. Seventeen acres of effective floor space will stand on two acres of ground. The car park is part of the corporation’s £49m. development plans. They are planning to step up production from the present 750,000 a year to one million, including a doubling of baby car units to 400,000.

The lift slab principle is being used in the construction. The huge concrete floors and roof, cast at ground level, are lifted into position by hydraulic jacks. All parking floors are ramped and a double spiral system segregates up and down traffic.

Mr G. Eyre, B.M.C. buildings project engineer, said today:  “We have no more ground space for our vehicles during the brief time between coming off the I assembly lines and delivery, so we have had to go upward.”

Keith Adams

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