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The latest to go is Allen Sheppard, the 42-year-old director in charge of service and parts for the new British Leyland Cars Company. An ex-Ford and ex-Chrysler man he was at one time widely tipped for a top post in the-new line-up. From 1971 to 1973 he held a key job as managing director of British Leyland’s European and overseas operations. During this period he masterminded the extensive reorganization of the group’s European sales network which had begun under that extrovert character Filmer Paradise.

This cigar chomping American was brought back from Europe to become sales director of Austin-Morris. He resigned shortly after Turnbull and is now. working in Singapore. Sheppard’s progress within British Levland was almost certainly blocked by his own expertise in a special sector. He is acknowledged to be one of the industry’s top parts and service experts.

When British Leyland Cars was formed in May his parts empire was expanded by the inclusion for the first time. of operational control of six big component plants. He is leaving the motor industry after 18 years to join Maxwell Joseph’s Grand Metropolitan Group as chief executive of Watney Mann and Truman with a seat on the main board.

Allen Shepherd was succeeded by John Egan.

Keith Adams

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