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Austin woman dismissed for strike assault
By Clifford Webb, Motoring Correspondent

Austin Rover yesterday dismissed a woman employee for allegedly assaulting three other women who crossed a picket line she was manning during the recent pay strike.

Two of the women were treated in the Longbridge plant medical centre and the third was sent to hospital with a suspected broken arm. Mrs Sheila McGreavy, a sewing machinist, was suspended on full pay, pending an appeal, immediately she returned to work on Thursday, after the collapse of the two and a half week strike.

A disciplinary hearing took place yesterday. Reports suggest that the alleged incident took place on November 6, the second day of the strike. A handful of workers tried to enter Longbridge and found their path blocked by pickets, including Mrs McGreavy. She at first remonstrated with three sewing room colleagues and when they ignored her, followed them into the factory and committed the alleged assault. The injured women made a formal complaint to the company.

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