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A negotiating procedure which could bring industrial peace to British Leyland Motor Corporation was approved in principle by 300 shop stewards in Birmingham yesterday. Under the system which ended last December, disputes could drag on for months. The new system envisages only one stage of negotiation outside the factory, involving both unions and management at national level.

British Leyland has undertaken that the procedure be completed within 20 working days. Unions have agreed that there would be no strike action until negotiations had been completed and 12 working days notice given. Mr Moss Evans , an official of the Transport and General Workers Union , said the system was a great improvement. He felt that it might form a pattern for other firms. A framework had been formed upon which agreements could be concluded at local level.

A work-to-rule and overtime ban by 16 technicians at Jaguar cars, Coventry, could affect exports to North America, a company spokesman said . The strikers test the safety standard of vehicles for the United Sates market. They belong to the Association of Scientific, Technical , and Managerial Staffs, which is seeking a minimum of £2,600 a year or a 15 per cent increase , whichever is greater.

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