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Decisions on whether or not to increase production of tractors at the British Motor Corporation’s new plant at Bathgate, West Lothian, to 750 a week, providing 400 more jobs for Scotland, will be taken in January or February, it was announced yesterday by Mr. C. Spires, director and general manager of B.M.C. (Scotland) Ltd.

He made his announcement after driving the first tractor off the assembly line and handing it over to the customer, West Lothian County Council. Mr Spires said that installed capacity was for 400 tractors a week, which would require 1,200 to 1,500 employees, but space was available for 750. The increase of production would depend on demand. The plant is part of a three-bay factory for making commercial vehicles, tractors, engines, and gear boxes.

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  1. My father drove a BMW 12 ton Luton bodied van built in Bathgate for Wilson and garden of Kilsyth the ref no was mms 990 I remember as a youngster travelling all over the country we used to sleep in the Luton part of the van

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