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On this day:

Sir George Harriman’s friend and former Leyland chairman Lord Black arranges another meeting. It took place on this Sunday morning at Jack Plane’s flat in Arlington House.

Also present were Sir Donald Stokes and Sir Frank Kearton.

It was at this meeting that Harriman agreed to step down as BLMC chairman at around Motor Show time 1968.

Later that evening evening another meeting was convened at the Hyde Park Hotel, where the BMH board were in conference, having been informed of Sir George Harrimans decision to step down as chairman.

Leyland made it clear that it was also unacceptable for Harriman to remain on the board, which came as a shock to the latter.

Despite the efforts of Sir William Lyons, Harriman agreed to resign from the board with effect from 1st November 1968.

Sir George Harriman then collapsed and had to be taken to a London clinic.

Keith Adams

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