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The British Motor Corporation today announces a new production record. After 40 weeks of the current financial year, its output of vehicles has passed the total for the whole of the previous financial year, which was 486,048 vehicles, the company says. The company also announces the appointments, under its expansion policy and establishment of new factories, of four new directors, including two appointments to the board of the corporation.

Mr W. H. Davis, an ex-Austin apprentice, has joined the board and becomes director of production for the Austin and Nuffield groups, and he also joins the Austin Company board after serving as a local director.  The other board appointment is Mr R. A. Stormonth-Darling, a partner in the firm of Laing and Cruickshank, and a director of Austin.

In addition, two other ex-apprentices join the Austin board. They are Mr R. D. Niven, who becomes director of production of B.M.C.. and Mr J. W. R. Penrose, general sales manager since 1954, becomes a local director.

The new B.M.C. plants in South Wales and Merseyside will be controlled by Fisher and Ludlow, of which Mr Price is deputy chairman. On assuming the extra responsibilities he relinquishes the offices of joint secretary of B.M.C. and director of Austin.
In the heavy commercial and tractors section, Mr. K. H. J. Sinnott, an ex-Wolseley apprentice, will be appointed managing director of the new B.M.C. subsidiary to operate at Bathgate factory in Scotland.

Motor Factory For Cardiff

The Rover Company has announced its plans for a new Landrover works to be sited at the city’s old airport, Pengam Moor.  Three months of speculation were ended by Mr L. G. T. Farmer, joint managing director of the company, when at a luncheon here today he said that negotiations had been concluded with the city authorities for the purchase of the airport site.

He said that the first stage of development there would be to provide as quickly as possible production facilities to supplement existing Landrover capacity at Birmingham, which was inadequate. They looking forward to the day when the new site would be fully developed and employing several thousands of people. Mr Farmer said that the Board of Trade had shown their full approval by granting adequate industrial development certificates. He thanked the Lord Mayor, Alderman Mrs Helena Evans, and the city council for their “confidence in the company, shown particularly by their undertaking very substantial obligations in connexion with preparing the site”.

His comments referred to the financial help given by Cardiff of an estimated £1,500,000 to cover the cost of extra piling in preparing the site.

Keith Adams

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