Archive : Bu British drive for Leyland boost

By David Benson

An aggressive campaign to ‘Buy British’ is to be launched by Leyland next month. The £2 million drive will emphasise how BL cars can beat imports on economy, the price of parts and insurance rates. Sales chief Mr Tony Ball said in London last night: “It will be an appeal to patriotism aimed at helping Britain’s economy. But what we have to offer is good anyway.”

Boss of the cars’ division Mr Ray Horrocks agreed that a bad industrial relations record had put the public off buying Leyland. During the year they had been continually short of cars in the popular price brackets. Last month BL cars gained only 16.17 per cent of the market compared with 29.31 per cent a year ago. Now they are aiming for 23 per cent to reduce the 60 per cent share grabbed by importers last month.

Keith Adams

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