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Standard-Triumph International Ltd. announce that Mr F. B. Dixon has joined the board. Following the reorganization of the group last year and its continuing development, two new wholly owned subsidiary companies have been formed:-

Standard-Triumph (Liverpool) Ltd., which wil be the manufacturing subsidiary at Speke, Liverpool, with the following directors: Mr A. S. Dick, executive chairman; Mr F. B. Dixon, managing director; Mr M. J. Tustin; and Mr L. A. Woodall.
Standard-Triumph Engineering Ltd., which will be responsible for group engineering, design, and research, with the following: Mr M. J. Tustin, executive chairman; Mr H. G. Webster, director and general manager; Mr F. B. Dixon, director; Mr J. A. Lind, director; and Mr M. Whitfield, director.

The following changes have been made to the boards of certain subsidiary companies in the Standard-Triumph group:-

Standard-Triumph Sales Limited and Triumph Motor Co. (1945) Limited.-Mr A. S. Dick has relinquished his seat on these boards and is succeeded as executive chairman of each company by Mr M. Whitfield.

Standard Motor Company.-Mr M. J. Tustin relinquishes his seat on the board; Mr A. C. Swindle has been appointed works director.
Standard-Triumph Group Services Limited.-Mr K. Aspland, Mr H. S. Weale. Mr H. G. Webster, and Mr M. Whitfield relinquish their seats on the board and the following new appointments have been made: Mr J. K. S. Carpenter, executive director; Mr W. H. Boardman, director and group financial accountant; Mr F. J. Leaver, director and group cost accountant. Alforder Newton Limited.-Mr K. Aspland and Mr S. G. Seymour have joined the board.

Mulliners Limited.-Mr E. B. Montesole has retired and is succeeded as chairman by Colonel C. White, who continues as managing director. Mr H. S. Weale has joined the board.

Forward Radiator Company.-Mr L. A. Woodall is appointed executive chairman.

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