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There was a new shock tonight for Midland car workers when it was announced that Standard-Triumph International, for whom Leyland Motors made a bid earlier in the week, were closing down one of their subsidiary body building factories here. The factory, that of Mulliners Ltd., one of the oldest body firms in the motor trade, employs about 800 workers, having recently laid off some 750 as redundant because of a shortage of orders. The firm became a subsidiary of Standards of Coventry two years ago and since then has concentrated on the production of bodies for several Standard models.

Trade union officials were told of the decision to stop production at the factory at a conference held this afternoon. A Mulliners official said: “We have been informed by Standard-Triumph International that it is necessary to streamline the company’s factories in order to make the most economical use of the production facilities available. It has therefore been decided to move the existing Mulliners products to other Midlands factories within the group.”

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