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Combined Research Unit At Jaguars

New moves are being made in the engineering division of Jaguar Cars Ltd., whose acquisition of Coventry Climax Engines was announced last year.

Mr Harry Mundy, technical editor of Autocar, is joining Jaguar’s early next month as chief development engineer (power units) in a branch of the engineering division which is being established for developing power units. This new section has been created by combining two existing units-Jaguar’s engine research and development and the identical unit in Coventry Climax. Two other key men will work with him in the division, which is to be directed by Mr W. M. Heynes, at present vice-chairman in charge of Jaguar engineering. They are Mr W. Hassan, technical director of Coventry Climax, who has been appointed group chief engineer (power units), and Mr C. W. Baily, who has been responsible for engine design with Jaguar and who becomes chief designer (power units) in the new division.

The changes indicate the importance with which Sir William Lyons, Jaguar chairman, regards engine development. Whereas this was formerly conducted by the general engineering division of his company, it will now be the sole responsibility of the new division to concentrate on the design and development of power units for passenger cars. But it does not mean that a pure Coventry Climax racing engine will be produced to power Jaguar saloons. The existing Jaguar engines will be developed further, and new units planned over the next five years.

The most successful Jaguar engine has been the XK series, which was introduced in 3.4-litre form in 1948 and which, over 15 years, has been produced in various forms from 2.4 to 3.8 litres-the competition version developing more than 300 h.p.

Keith Adams

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