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More workers were laid off at Triumph, Coventry, yesterday bringing the total idle to over 5500. A further 1,400 are laid off at the company’s Liverpool plant.

More than 8000 workers in five British Leyland bus and lorry factories in Lancashire yesterday decided to ban overtime immediately, and give one week’s strike notice. This follows the breakdown of talks between shop stewards and company officials over a new pay deal. Workers in the bus and lorry plants have put in a claim for a £10 a week across-the-board increase, a shorter working week and longer holidays.

The management’s final offer was an extra £2 for skilled workers, £1.75 for semi- skilled and £1.50 for unskilled and women. An extra day’s holiday was included in the demand as well as certain “fringe benefits “. This was the managements third offer.

Keith Adams


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